As someone managing premiums you have access to do the following:

Pay out Premiums

Follow these directions to look up a person, find out how much money they won, and mark them as paid.

  1. To start you need to find the person in the system. Start by typing their last name in the search box. This will start showing names in a dropdown.

    Under the Registrations column the numbers mean:

    • The first number is how many entries have been paid out
    • The second number is how many entries the person has
    • The third number is how many entries the person was going to bring

    Click the name that corresponds to the person you are looking for.

  2. This will show you the list of exhibits for the person and their prizes. The first section shows each individual entry and the prize associated with it. The second section shows the total for all entries.
  3. There are two ways to mark payments as made:
    1. Individually by click the $ next to each item
    2. All at once by clicking the $ Mark All as Paid

    When an item is paid the $ will not be shown and instead will be a check mark.

  4. To start the next person start searching in search box.

All Premiums

View all the exhibits by user in a big table. This is useful to print out.

By Department

This is the same as All Premiums except it shows only the registrations by department.

  1. Select a department
  2. This will then give you a list of only the exhibits in that department