Manage Registration

When managing registrations there are several options.


Clicking this icon will bring you to print the tag. When the icon is next to the department it will print all of the tags for that department. When it is next to an exhibit it will print the tag only for that exhibit. The print icon only appears when the exhibit has been approved.


This icon will let you change the lot or class for the item. It will only appear if the item has not been approved.


When an exhibit has been registered before the event this will appear. Until this icon is clicked the exhibit will not appear in any other reports throughout the system.

When an exhibit shows up verify that it is classified correctly and if it isn’t then edit. If it is then click this icon to approve it.


Click this to mark the item as not at the fair. This will remove it from all reports and it won’t be judged. This is equivalent to deleting it but can be approved again if needed.

ngalottiManage Registration